Speed and Scale are critical to trial recruitment. Few marketing companies are good at both. And all too often, in the attempt, agencies simply create more problems for research sites.

The common solution is to scoop up names without regard to quality, and surface up hundreds of prospects who may have expressed interest years ago. Unfortunately those prospects often have little to no interest, or even knowledge of the trial they are being asked to enroll in. The result is doubly negative, with wasted dollars on poorly performing leads and expensive staff time spent working these low quality leads. All for just for just a few enrollments.

There is a better way.

C6’s “Active Trial Recruitment”, draws upon 20+ years of acquisition/recruitment experience in other major industries and doesn’t rely on a database of old names. We recognize there is a large population, who is currently dis-satisfied with current treatment options, and has an interest in helping discover alternative treatments.

Using IRB approved ad copy, we launch programs with a short pilot period. During this pilot, we leverage the powerful targeting capabilities of digital marketing platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), to identify, target & engage prospects, actively inducing them to “raise their hand” and request information.

Pilot programs launch in less than 2 weeks, typically last 30-60 days, and produce 1 – 5 enrollments.

More important, they provide the data necessary to rapidly scale up a program, while continuing to maintain quality.

A New York City based research site contacted us to run a pilot for Adult ADHD recruitment. With IRB approved copy, the pilot was live within 10 business days, and immediately started generating leads.

During the pilot period, the site quickly saw the value of the leads; qualifying a large percentage, and enrolling one person in an active study. Before the end of the pilot, C6 was asked to ramp volume, driving additional enrollments, and ultimately asked to ramp again. By week 10, weekly lead volume was 6X greater than during the pilot, using the same, high quality sources & techniques.

As prospects are actively reading, clicking and engaging with advertising that is custom made and branded to the site, there was a clear expectation and readiness for an enrollment conversation.