When it comes to recruitment, the single most common concern among sites, is the risk associated with putting dollars in the market with no guarantee of return.

That concern is not unique nor unreasonable. And any recruitment partner needs to be able to clearly articulate why they’ll be good stewards of your investment.

C6 recruitment programs are custom built, using best in class digital marketing & analytics tactics. But more importantly everything we do revolves around achieving your target cost per enrollment.

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Our programs start with a pilot that is designed to prove out our cost per enrollment projections.  These pilots:

  • Typically target between 70 – 150 leads to provide a sufficient sample size
  • Require a marketing investment between $5,000 – $9,000 depending on the indication; but sites only pay for the leads they receive
  • Last from 30 – 90 days
  • Are ruthlessly measured to identify both positive and negative trends
  • Carry no further commitment for a site, meaning if we’re not successful, we know there’ll be no future business

Pay for Performance – Aligning Our Clients’ Interest With Our Own

C6 Programs are built with a philosophy that we should be sharing risk. As such, clients only pay when we deliver leads that have proactively opt’d in to learn more about your trials.

To generate leads, C6 bears the cost of:

  • Building landing pages branded to your site
  • Writing & creating advertising, also branded specially to your site 
  • Set up and launch custom media campaigns
  • Purchase media to drive traffic to the branded landing pages

As we are actively recruiting prospects (vs mining an existing database), there is no guarantee that a prospect will 1) Click on your site’s advertising, 2) Read and understand the trial, and 3) Decided they want to be contacted by you, and 4) provide their name, email and phone number.

And if they don’t, C6 gets paid nothing.

This dynamic creates the incentive for us to identify, find and attract those prospects most likely to be interested in your trial. If they are not interested; we don’t generate any leads, and don’t make any money.

Once leads are generated and passed to your site, we work with you to understand:

  • % of leads you are able to contact
  • % of leads you are able to phone qualify
  • % of leads you are able to schedule for an in-office visit
  • % of leads you are able to sign to an ICF

All of those steps are leading indicators of what we ultimately care about. The number of leads ultimately randomized into a trial.

Based on benchmarks, and your site’s feedback, we forecast performance to our cost per enrollment target. Identify areas of stronger or weaker performance, and make adjustments to our campaigns to optimize the return on ad dollars.

Time is on your side

We know that our continued long-term relationship is fully dependent upon achieving your target cost per enrollment. Our pay for performance lead gen programs don’t commit sites to long term buys.

While we may plan/forecast lead buys several months in advance, any site can terminate our agreement with 30 days notice. That further helps to align our incentives.

With no long term commitments, or dollars spent upfront, we know that our leads have to continue to perform, month after month. Any extended period of underperformance, will result in a terminated agreement and lost opportunity for C6.