C6 Marketing is a digital agency that specializes in solving the challenges of clinical trial patient recruitment for healthcare clients. Our programs are purposefully built to provide recruitment and enrollment programs with scale, speed, flexibility, and cost efficiency.

Why digital?  Digital vs Traditional Media

Digital media provides benefits that are exponentially harder, if not impossible, to achieve via traditional (TV, Radio, Print, Out of Home) media. These advantages come in three areas:

Subject Targeting – The breadth & granularity of consumer data from platforms like Google & Facebook is mind-boggling. Our experience & expertise give us the capability to target specific demographics, geographies, behaviors, interests, emotional states, and even specific individuals. Targeting helps ensure we get client messages in front of their potential enrollees, with as little “waste” as possible.

Flexibility – Digital media is easily turned on & off, with no upfront commitments or long term contracts. Placement & removal of ads is near instantaneous. And media is purchased on a “pay-for-performance” basis; clients only pay when prospects engage. This flexibility allows us to try a multitude of tactics  (vs one or two) to identify what works for individual clients’ patient populations; then rapidly iterate at low cost.

The most compelling aspect of digital media, is the ability to directly track results. Every ad, click and visitor to your website is tracked to a “success” or “failure” outcome. We can quantitatively evaluate techniques; which inform tactics going forward. Tracking enables a virtuous cycle, where real-time optimization continue to shift resources to better performing tactics, and faster enrollment to trials.

Our Process: Patient Prospects + Experience + Media

While each client has unique elements & requires a custom approach, our core methodology involves 1) understanding target patient population, 2) developing a digital experience designed to induce them to contact you, 3) buying targeted media to drive that audience into a customized experience.

Patient Example: Looking for treatment-resistant, major depressive disorder participants; between 18 – 65 years old, living within 15 miles of Boston, who are potentially interested in a trial.

Digital Experience Example: We create multiple ad units designed to “catch the eye” & quickly convey a value proposition inducing the prospect to click & learn more. Targeting options help to ensure those ads are served to the “right person” & tracking helps optimize delivery.

Visitors land on a simple, clear & concise web page, that explains the trial, contains a call to action to learn more, and asks the visitor to provide contact information if interested. Web pages are custom built to fit the needs of specific programs. The goal of this experience is to provide a prospect pool of highly qualified candidates for on-site coordinators to contact & enroll in a trial.

Media Example: The most critical, and difficult piece, is trying to ensure your ads show to the right prospects. It is both art & science. There are literally hundreds of thousands of targeting options on Facebook alone. Our experience ensures we start with a set of “more likely to succeed” targeting strategies, which we track, test & iterate on, to get the right combinations for clients’ needs.