The ultimate goal of a C6 Pilot program is to identify & prove out a core set of tactics that we can leverage to scale a program. With greater time in market, our ability to learn through trial & error increases, and we are able to scale programs, generating greater enrollment volume. More mature programs benefit from the cumulative effect of our learning.

A Boston based client retained us to recruit participants for Major Depressive Disorder studies.

After an initial 2 month pilot program that yielded 10 trial participants, below the target cost per participant, the client asked that we ramp the program in order to fill their trial portfolio faster.

Using the same techniques & tactics already in market, in the three months post pilot, we were able to more than double both the number of enrolled participants, while maintaining the same cost per participant. In a matter of just a few months, with a predictable & sizable number of enrollees,  the client was able to fill existing studies, and take on additional sponsor studies.

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