Content Marketing & Audience Development

Problem: Digital Media firm that monetizes its B2B audience in IT, HR, Sales and Marketing through highly qualified call center leads was looking to bring increased efficiency and effectiveness to their calling operations.

Solution: C6 developed a content marketing strategy as well as operational plans for acquiring relevant buyer audiences in IT, Sales and Marketing functions. To deliver efficiency to their operation, we developed a content plan that aligned the individual pieces of collateral with each specific stage in the buyer’s journey.

We measured and tracked performance of registrations for the research downloads and scored buyers based on conversion rates in the call center. Those scores were utilized within their CRM solution to optimize their dialing plans as well as their Marketing Automation platform to inform email sequences to nurture individual buyers.

This project included the management of all content production, including oversight of a staff of IT research consultants and copywriters that produced the content as well as the team of internal design and creative producers.

Analytics & Lifetime Value

Problem: A large direct to consumer organization had a “one size fits all” approached to marketing & sales; spending as much time & resources on low value customers as higher value customers. The organization wanted to systematic way to predict the potential customer value, early in the process, so they could differentiate the approach & allocate time & effect to better align with ROI.

Solution: The C6 team utilized the organizations CRM database to create value tiers of customers based on prior purchase & repurchase. Using advanced statistical modeling, CRM data on customer attributes, as well as 3rd party demographic data, we identified key consumer attributes that identified higher vs lower value customers. Using that attributes, new customer prospects were then scored for their potential value, and routed & prioritized accordingly.

After implementation, the organization was able to shift marketing retargeting budget & effort to higher value prospects driving greater numbers of these prospects to enter the sales process. The inside sales team, was also able to create a “white glove” service higher value customers, and save operations costs by allowing the least valuable prospects to self serve.

Email Lifecycle Management

Problem: An enterprise software firm in the performance management business needed marketing help around customer acquisition and retention. Marketing deliverables would cover both lead management to support their 60-person sales team and the implementation of new retention programs. Their product suite provided solutions for two segments of IT professionals within DevOps, network/system operations and software development.

Solution: C6 helped the firm implement a marketing automation solution and integrate it with their CRM and sales process. In an effort to scale the volume of top-of-funnel, lead generation programs, we solidified the processes to increase flow of mid-funnel leads from MQLs to SQLs.